We deliver quality assurance audits
To evaluate the design of your Hyperion Financial Management application
Application audits

Kreios Consulting performs audits on the design of Hyperion Financial Management applications and related systems like data integrations and reporting packs.

These application audits are made from a quality assurance point of view to validate and evaluate important elements of your Hyperion Financial Management application.

These audits can include the design and set up of:

  • the metadata file
  • the rules file
  • the member list file
  • other HFM application components, like profile, security, web forms and data grids
  • data integrations (e.g. FDMEE, classic FDM and HAL)
  • reports (e.g. System reports / Smart View / Financial Reporting Studio)

Key objective of these audits is to identify areas within your application which can be improved. Improving and fine tuning these areas will optimize system calculation and consolidation performance significantly.

All findings and suggestions will be documented clearly and once the audit is finished, a session can be scheduled to discuss and evaluate these findings.

The estimated number of days needed to perform these audits is 2 to 4 days depending on the HFM application size and the number of application elements to be audited. Documentation and advise is included. 

For more information on application audits please Contact us.